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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Napa Valley?

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    Jonathan Chum

Napa Valley is a mesmerizing county village situated in California. This valley is the heaven for vineyard lovers as there are more than hundreds of these all around the valley. There are a lot of things to get engaged to if one can visit during peak time. The best time to visit Napa Valley and take the utmost pleasure from this county is starting August to October. During these periods, tourists make the best of what Napa Valley has to offer.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Napa Valley?

Vineyards in Napa Valley, California.

In August, Napa Valley vineyards harvest their grapes and are the perfect time to taste various wines and explore the rest of the valley. From August to October, there are a lot of activities besides vineyards engaging tourists to visit this place. Another best time to visit Napa Valley is between March to May if, somehow, tourists are not able to travel during the grape harvesting season.

Places like Castello di Amorosa, Lake Berryessa, Oxbow Public Market, and many more enlighten the village during the peak season. The county village is known for its beautiful nights with lit up market places bringing in a festive mood. Locals here prepare the best quality wine made from vast everlasting lands of grapevines all over Napa Valley. The best time to visit Napa Valley would be during these periods when grapes start to harvest.

Tourists can visit wineries there that offer much more than just wine and view the scenic valley from the air. Tourists can take a train ride on the Napa Valley wine train to explore what more the county has to offer. Families can entertain themselves shopping and eating exclusive cuisine in market places all around the Valley.

Every corner of the valley is mesmerizing and cannot be overlooked. To give a proper understanding of the entire valley below are a carefully selected list of vineyards and other tourist spots, which are a must-visit.

Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley Wine Train is the most visited train in Napa Valley taking tourists on a journey through beautiful landscapes all over the county. Napa Valley Wine Train takes tourists to some of the most exclusive wineries that fall on the way giving a complete in-depth tour along with wine sessions. This train is a historic beauty that is regenerated to provide tourists the beauty of the village. People can enjoy American cuisine while on board the train while engaging in all that is to be offered.

Napa Valley wine trains can be of great importance to tourists who are looking for a complete package of everything the valley has. This train takes a route exploring all the wineries and a couple of marketplaces allowing tourists to explore the fascinating places in Napa Valley.

Modus Operandi Cellars

Modus Operandi Cellar is one place that should be first on the list. This is an exclusive vineyard open for tourists to share an experience of the whole place. Visitors can make appointments to get a guided tour throughout the vine. What is so amazing about this place is there are wine tasting sessions engaging visitors to taste and learn about different types of wines. The tour helps visitors learn about the entire vineyard by interacting with people working there. This live session is a one in a million experience that visitors should look forward to when in Napa Valley.

Modus Operandi has a top of the line custom crush facility providing visitors with the most exceptional and most exclusive wine. Best to visit Napa Valley and explore this unique experience in Modus Operandi Cellars will be in June.

Merryvale Vineyards

Though Napa Valley houses one of the finest and best vineyards all across the globe, it would not be wrong to say Merryvale is the finest of them all. This vineyard takes visitors to an experience worth remembering a lifetime. It is strongly recommended to make an appointment in this beautiful vineyard, opening up the senses to samples of the four keys to good wine. Visitors here are given samples of four key components of wine, which are tannins, acid, sugar, and alcohol. Many visitors have described their experience in the seminar as incomparable and mesmerizing.

Visitors are first taken for a tour of the entire vineyard. The guides here are quite knowledgeable, helping visitors with their list of questions. Just after the tour, visitors are taken to a beautiful dining area where they are allowed to taste wines exclusively made in Merryvale Vineyard. The best time to visit Napa Valley to get a closer look at this beautiful vinery would be from April to September. Visitors have to book an appointment for the seminar starting in April and to go all the way to September.

Castello Di Amorosa

Castello Di Amorosa means the castle of love and is a 13th-century style winery very popular among tourists. This castle provides an entire tour of the castle and winery topped up with wine tasting sessions. All wines here are Italian inspired and bring an exclusive aroma unmatched to any other winery around the globe. Castello Di Amorosa is one of the most visited vineyards for its unique range of Italian inspired wines cheering up the mood of visitors. The vinery extends to almost 30 acres having 107 distinct rooms for making exclusive wine and storage.

All participants who take the tour are made to experience the most exquisite collection Castello Di Amorosa vineyards have to offer. There is proper guidance provided to tourists all along the tour and also while wine tasting sessions. This will help many new wine lovers get more indulged in their love for wines.

Lake Berryessa

Napa Valley has a lot of lakes with the prettiest of scenic beauty to offer, but nothing matches the elegance of Lake Berryessa. Lake Berryessa is the largest lake in Napa Valley, serving as one of the main tourist attractions. Every year a large number of tourists visit this site exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenic view the place has to offer. This reservoir was formed due to the construction of the Monticello Dam during the 1950s.

Visitors are amazed to see such a vast lake surrounded by the beauty of nature. Lake Berryessa is open for visitors to go fishing and take a swim in the lake. It is advised to visit this lake around 6 am if tourists are looking to explore as later on huge crowds are flocking in. There are various coves and spots for fishing lovers to select a calm place to start fishing.

Taking a walk, one can explore the glory hole, which is one of the fascinating experiences. Families can plan a trek and camping on holidays, keeping themselves entertained for entire weekends. Lake Berryessa has a lot to offer that is hard to explain in words and should be given a definite try when in Napa Valley.

Oxbow Public Market

Holidays are best spent shopping with loved ones. Make it a must to visit the beautiful Oxbow Public Market, which is a hub for all locally sourced food one can find. Oxbow Public Market starts to take shape right from early morning at around 7 am, engaging a lot of tourists and locals to try their most exquisite cuisine. Tourists can find a lot of local goods here like fish, meats, oysters, cheese, coffee and many more. This market is located in Downtown Napa and serves as the main attraction to all tourists visiting the valley.

This spot is an excellent gathering for food and exclusive wine, which can be seen spread all across the market. There is a deck, which is one of the essential things to see alongside the river Napa inviting tourists to come to take experience. This market gets lit up during the night and is one of the most happening places to be. There are widespread wine centers and good pubs allowing tourists to relax during the night with some good local food.


Napa valley is a lot more than what we hear and can be only experienced after visiting. The best time to visit Napa Valley in August to October or from March to May. Tourists generally flock in during this period as it is the grape harvesting season, but March to May is also a great time to be here. Locals here are very welcoming, allowing travelers to explore their valley. Napa Valley has given California great recognition all over the globe visited by many travelers every year.

Each year Napa Valley is growing in reputation for its exclusive wineries, vineyards, and local market places. This place is now a favorite holiday spot for a lot of families residing all over the country. All places mentioned above are carefully selected to indulge travelers with the best Napa Valley has to offer. Make sure to make an appointment with these fine wineries if interested in an in-depth tour by professional guides.