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What is the Best Time To Go To Jamaica?

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    Jonathan Chum

If you're planning to visit the beautiful Caribbean nation Jamaica, then before booking your tickets and packing your bags, know that the best time to go to Jamaica in November to the middle of December. Keep scrolling to know more about it!

Undoubtedly, Jamaica is one of the best places to visit. The island nation in the Caribbean is full of character as it has lush green rainforests, golden beaches, blue mountains, and of course, the sparkling sea. Jamaica is filled with African charm and joy that you might be looking into a holiday destination to have.

The Best Time To Go To Jamaica

Although you can visit Jamaica at any time of the year, visiting the right time will help you to save some money and enjoy your vacation to the fullest, depending on certain factors. To help you with it, we have listed the best months to visit and what you can do at that time. Have a look :

November to mid-December

This is by far the best time to visit Jamaica as it is an end season where you'll not see much crowd. One of the main advantages of planning a trip during this time is you'll get flights and hotels at really low prices. So, if you're someone who runs away from the crowd and wants to enjoy peace and serenity on the soft beaches, then plan your trip during these months. However, if you're a crazy party animal, then you may not enjoy the quiet beaches.

The average temperature during these months ranges between 75 to 85 degrees, and you will get mostly pleasant weather with blue skies and breezy winds.

January to March

If you're a beach lover, then plan your trip during this time. You will get the ideal temperature to soak in the sun and have a dip in the sea. Beaches are mostly crowded this time, so you will have lots of events and parties to attend. As a tip, book your hotels at least two months in advance if you're visiting during this time.

April to June

Temperatures range between 70 - 80 degrees but are prepared to see some rains at this time. This is the time before the hurricane season, which generally starts from June 1. The beaches are less crowded and moist.

July to October

These months come under the hurricane season, and due to this reason, a majority of visitors avoid this time. Also, accommodation and flights are super cheap at this time. But, if you still intend to visit during the low season, then make sure to have travel insurance because you never know what can happen.

So, this was all about the best times you can plan your trip. Now, let's discuss some of the most favorite tourist attractions in Jamaica.


Hands down, Negril is the most beautiful place to visit in Jamaica. The long stretches of powder-soft white sand, picturesque sea views, and emerald clifftops are unbeatable. Negril is named to have the best beaches of the Caribbean island - from Bloody Bay to Long Bay. Outlined with coconut palms, Negril has a lot to offer its visitors. You will find all the luxurious resorts and unlimited water destinations. You could try water sports like cliff jumping, parasailing, diving, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and many more.

If you still haven't had enough, you will surely enjoy the catamaran cruises, beautiful golf courses, and natural forests life. And yes, don't forget to visit Negril's floating tiki bar - Tiki Pon Da Sea to devour unlimited drinks.

Montego Bay

If you're among the crazy beachgoers, then Montego Bay is where you should go. This place has some of the fantastic touristy beaches of the Island. Also, it is the biggest cruise port, and along with it, this location has the right concentration of high-end resorts, intimidating golf courses, etc.

To soak in some sun, you can visit Doctor's Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach to enjoy in amusement parks with your family, go snorkeling in the covered coral reefs of Montego Bay Marine Park.

Apart from all this, you can explore Green Grotto Caves, Cinnamon Hill Golf Club for some scenic views.

Dunn's River Falls

Another tourist's favorite attraction is Dunn's River Falls. It is among the most iconic places in the Caribbean. Every year, millions of tourists hike all their way for 90 minutes just to have a glance at these 180 feet high waterfalls.

You can even plan hikes to these waterfalls and catamaran cruises either from Montego Bay or Ochos Rios.

Blue Mountains

The emerald beauty, Blue Mountains, offers biking and hiking trails, coffee farms, and mesmerizing waterfalls. This region is a perfect destination for adventure lovers. It is the longest mountain range in Jamaica, which spreads in about 45 kilometers and offers excellent views.

On your way up, you will find many mountain villages, rural communities, farmlands, and over 500 species of trees and plants. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy bird watching and tasting the famous Blue Mountain Coffee!

Ocho Rios

Ochos Rios was a typical fishing village in the past, but now, it is named as the most famous resort located on the northern coast. There are a series of luxurious resorts, craft markets, restaurants, bars, and reggae party venues.

More than the beaches, Ocho Rios is famous for its lush green vegetation, peaceful rivers, and mesmerizing waterfalls. Due to its natural beauty, it is also known as the "Garden Parish."

You can indulge in several activities like tubing and rafting on Black / White rivers, horse riding on the beach and dolphin watching at Dolphin Cove.

On top of everything, you can enjoy partying at Margaritaville (premier entertainment district), duty-free shopping, and explore the famous filming locations of Bond films - Live and Let die and Dr. No!

Port Antonio

Port Antonio is a gorgeous fishing village which has two of its ports on the north-eastern coast of Jamaica. Once it was known as the Banana Capital of the world, but at present, it has emerged out as a charming holiday location.

Port Antonia depicts Georgian and Victorian architecture and has craft markets, stunning cafes, bars, and more. But the main attraction of the village is its natural beauty. There are green forests, stunning beaches, cascading waterfalls, and bright blue lagoons. It also offers fantastic hiking trails.

This village is perfect for the tourists who want to do minimum activities and just want to relax in the lap of nature. A few activities you can do in Port Antonio include bamboo rafting in the Rio Grande, surfing at Boston beach, exploring crystal clear lagoons at Frenchman’s Cove, etc.

Nine Mile

Nine Mile is a small village in the Saint Ann Parish. It is located at a small distance from the south of Brown's Town.

This village is famous as it has a great connection with Bob Marley. The legendary artist was born and died here.

It is no less than a pilgrimage for the Marley fans. If you're one of them, then you can take a tour of his property by Rastafarian guides, and you will have the pleasure to see his photographs, awards, guitars, etc. You will also find out the 'rock pillow' which Marley used to get some inspiration for his songs.

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach spreads across four iconic fishing villages namely Frenchman’s Bay, Billy’s Bay, Great Bay, and Calabash Bay. You can enjoy the power of reggae music while sipping on unlimited run cocktails.

The beaches are generally free from crowds, and the main focus is on sporting activities, including football, tennis, cricket, golf, and watersports. If you're not much into sports and activities, you can relax peacefully at the beautiful coral beaches. Water activities include snorkeling, swimming, dolphin sports, surfing, biking, zip-lining, etc. Moreover, don't forget to enjoy the safari cruise on Black River and sip some authentic drinks at Floyd's Pelican Bar.

Boston Bay

Boston Bay is holiday heaven located a few miles outside of Portland's capital. It is surfer's most favorite place as it offers the best tide experience and powerful waves in the entire Caribbean. Don't worry if you're a novice as the locals will guide you and teach you how to surf.

Apart from surfing, you can shop for some cool antique jewelry from the local craftsmen and get some souvenirs home. Also, don't go home without tasting the delicious jerk which is cooked on an open flame and is quite popular in the Boston area.

That's all about it folks!

Jamaica is indeed holiday heaven. The place is full of beauty and character. Apart from the places mentioned above, there are many other tourist attractions you can visit. But to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, plan your trip at a time that suits you the most. If you want to enjoy the holidays on crowded beaches, then visit in the peak seasons and if you don't like the crowd then, plan your trip during the low - season.