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What Is The Best Time Of Year to Visit Alaska

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    Jonathan Chum

The best time to go to Alaska is in summer as it is the warmest period to visit. Mid of May and mid-September end, this state has the best things to offer. This includes the routes of Alaska Railroad that operate during this time for you to enjoy. The majority of tour choices are available in the time frame of early June through Mid June to mid-August. This is because the state offers the best climatic conditions and chances to view wildlife in this time frame. If you are looking for hotel availability along with lower railroad and hotel fares, May is the right time. Initial summer weeks- starting from May 15th, Alaska offers more economical prices. Days are longer. Its bloom time and wildlife are on a roll at this time.

The subsequent month is dry. June however, has the majority of daylight. The 21st of June is considered as the year’s longest day or “the Summer Solstice.”When planning camps or hikes at this time in national parks, carry and apply a mosquito repellent. July is the warmest summer month and also a popular travel month. Lodging, train transfers, and activities have to be reserved well in advance to avoid hassles during this time.

August marks the end of summer in Alaska and kick starts the rainy season. Several tourists visit August-end, where you will have daylight of 14-17 hours. September is low in hotel and railroad fares just like May. You will have smaller days with cool temperatures. You will be able to see red, yellow, and orange shades of tundra trees. The peak colors can be seen in mid of September. Denali National Park is fantastic to view during this month. From May to September, Bear viewing is right. To hike in high Arctic areas, late June is the time as the ice melts in the tundra by this time. If you are looking for visiting local county fairs and festivals, then focus on that event schedule and plan well.

Putting all the above together and overall, Mid June-Mid July is considered the best time to go to Alaska. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the Alaskan climate is unpredictable. However, there are activities and things to do all year round from visiting places to watch northern lights. Planning according to what you would not like to miss is the key time to visit.

What to do when in Alaska

Alaska is a place just right for the adventurers and tourists. The adventurous spirit burns in Alaska’s splendid and breath-taking sights and sceneries. You must not miss the exploration of various animals, views, hills, and many more while you are still there in Alaska.

Some Things to Do

Denali National Park and Preserve

This is a national park that is situated in Denali, interior Alaska. It is the highest North American mountain that is spread over 6,045,153 acres. The wilderness is a blend of forest landscape with tundra, glaciers, bare rocks, and snow. Kahiltna Glacier is the longest glacier to see here. Cross country skiing, dog sledding, and snowmobiling are some activities for tourists.

Kroschel Films Wildlife Centre

This beautiful place is named after a naturalist who also happened to be a movie-maker, Steve Kroschel. The founder of Kroschel Films Wildlife Centre adopted some of the animals who were lost, abandoned, or orphaned, which makes this place better than the well-known captivation of animals- the zoological gardens. This place connects the life-force of a human being to the environment. One can have a unique experience in the wild. This center is spotted 28 miles afar from Haines and offers you a beautiful walk alongside nature and the wildlife. This authentic path is filled with about 15 distinct species of animals that are certain to blow your mind.

White Pass and Yukon Route Railway

As the name suggests, the beauty and glory of the past are brought back to life with a rail in between Canada and America. It is a narrow-gauge gold-rush train that connects Alaska’s Skagway and Yukon’s Whitehorse. The beauty of this path lies in the spots through which the rail travels. Passing through rivers of a glacier, splendid waterfalls, and the breath-taking forests, it gives you a nostalgic experience of taking a ride on an actual gold-rush train.

Kodiak Laboratory Aquarium and Touch Tank

People of all age groups, from youngsters to older people, love visiting the eccentric aquarium filled with several water species. A massive aquarium, the Kodiak Laboratory Aquarium, and a touch tank constitute the Alaska Fisheries Science Centre. There are services like tour-guides that explain the beauty of life in the sea as well as clear your doubts regarding so.

Sealaska Heritage Institute

Being a preservation center for Alaska’s beautiful heritage and culture, Sealaska Heritage Institute is an organization that is spotted in Juneau. It sought to protect and conserve the various cultures, traditions, and heritage through which the residential and non-residential citizens of Alaska can identify and acknowledge that beauty. This institute has portrayed many works by many well-known and important luminaries as well as artists. This place is worth visiting if you are a cultural-tourist or an art-lover.

University of Alaska Museum of the North

Alaska is known as a mysterious, yet extensive and beautiful location when it comes to tourist sites and heritage. This can be seen more evidently by visiting the University of Alaska Museum of the North. It has various artifacts about the geology of Alaska, including its people and wildlife. Some galleries portray Alaska’s beauty in a more evident and exquisite way. One must never miss, The Place Where You to Listen’ exhibit as it has one of the most excellent displays of the natural phenomenon through lights and sounds.

Reindeer Ranch

Running a Reindeer Ranch is a heavenly experience with tons of knowledge regarding northern animals. You will learn a lot about reindeers and other animals. The magnificent walk along the birch-woods, the games, the elegant and happy reindeers, and also the cookies with a cup of hot chocolate is a whole new experience altogether. The northern life, the Arctic adaptations, migrations, and the cool-breeze will take you to a different world. Jane, the manager as well as the owner of this ranch, would oblige to take you to her vegetable garden if you are interested.

Fly above Alaska Mountain Range

Alaska, the ice-world, is filled with bewitching and gorgeous sights that are certain to make you spellbound. You will be taken into a warm and comforting helicopter. From above, you will see winsome views of glaciers, hills, mountains, and other sights that cannot be seen anywhere else. The elegant beauty of Alaska from above is a sight hard to describe. The real beauty of Alaska will certainly make you love the world.

Drive on a highway

Also known as "Alaska Factor," it is one of the most beautiful experiences when one plans to go to Alaska anytime soon. It is an authentic feeling that the land of Alaska seems never to end. It can be felt whenever you take a drive on one of the Alaskan highways or climb one of the hundreds of mountains. It would be an understatement if you tried to cover all of Alaska in one year. It would not be possible even if you walk more than a million kilometers in a day! Alaska factor is, in fact, real.

The Aurora Ice Museum, Fairbanks, Alaska

The Aurora Ice Museum is a place of acknowledgment of various ice carvers who made it in the world championship. Open throughout the year; the museum is equipped with a room for an excellent Northern lights view, as well as a house made of ice. It has a beautiful chandelier that alters colors mimicking the aurora borealis. As the name suggests, the museum is built with tons of snow and ice. Hence, it is not a surprise that the temperature goes as far below as -7 Celsius.

Watch Northern Lights

The best experience of Alaskan clear and cold winter nights is to watch the colorful northern lights. This phenomenon is visible only from September-April. They are beautiful and can be observed in all its beauty post-midnight. Embrace a spontaneous, cold, and a late-night show of natural lights with this phenomenon called northern lights. They are stunning and dynamic. Take pleasure in lying down facing the sky to see this color blend of dancing lights spread in its vastness. You will never regret your little sleep for this show.


With so many things to do and places to visit in Alaska, choosing a right and the best time to make the most of the visit is crucial. Alaskan summer and beauty are not to be missed that lasts from mid of May to middle of June. September month is also an excellent time to visit as this time is full of blooms and wildlife viewing. So anytime from mid-May through mid-September is worth an Alaskan visit as this time is so magical to experience this place. So, do not miss on northern lights, wildlife viewing, tundra magic, and many more that Alaska has to offer.