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10 Top Things To Do In Tenerife, Spain

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    Jonathan Chum


When it comes to vacation destinations, it's hard to beat the Canary Islands. The Spanish archipelago is home to some of the best beaches in Europe, as well as a number of unique activities and attractions. Whether you want to relax on the beach, explore vibrant cities like Madrid or Barcelona, or hike mountain trails through forests and valleys---the Canaries have something for everyone. If you're looking for an adventure-filled getaway with plenty of fun things to do, check out our list of top ten things to do in Tenerife:

Playas de las Teresitas

Playas de las Teresitas is a beach in the south of Tenerife. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, especially during summertime. The long and wide beach is surrounded by volcanic rock and has many restaurants, bars and shops nearby.

Take a cable car ride up Mount Teide

The cable car ride up Mount Teide is a must for any visitor to Tenerife. In addition to being the highest mountain in Spain, it also has a volcano on top that erupts every 10 years or so (although not recently). The cable car ride is a great way to see the whole island from above---you can even spot some of its other tourist attractions like El Teide National Park and Los Gigantes beach while you're at it!

Masca hike

The Masca hike is a challenging and beautiful hike up the mountainside to the small village of Masca. Here, you'll find some great views and a chance to experience rural nature at its best. The path starts out relatively easy, but gets steeper as you go higher up into the mountain range. It's a great way to see some amazing scenery while getting a good workout in! You can walk up or take one of the many shuttle buses that will drive you there (and back!).

The best time of day to do this hike is early morning when it's not too hot yet, although any time during daylight hours will be fine. The amount of water needed depends on how long your hike takes; plan ahead and bring enough for yourself as well as anyone else who might tag along!

Loro Parque

Loro Parque is a popular tourist attraction in Tenerife. It is a zoo and theme park that is home to the largest collection of parrots in the world, with more than 150 species on display. The park also rescues and rehabilitates endangered species, such as sea turtles, monk seals and flamingos. There are shows at Loro Parque every day where you can interact with some of these animals as well as see some of their amazing tricks!

Los Gigantes Cliffs

  • Take a walk: The most obvious thing to do in Los Gigantes is to go for a long walk. You can take the main route from the center of town, past the church, and down to the beach.

  • Watch sunset: Sunset in this part of Tenerife is absolutely incredible! Even if you're not into sunsets, sitting on one of these cliffs watching it would be an amazing experience.

  • Beach: There's also great beaches around here too! If you visit during summer time(May-October) then there will be plenty of tourists here; but if you're visiting during winter time(November-April), then there might not be many people around at all!

Sunset at Chinyero Volcano

One of the best places to catch sunset on the island is at the Chinyero Volcano. The highest point in the Teide National Park, it's a great vantage point for views of El Teide and Tenerife's coastline. You can either drive up or take one of the many walking trails around it as well as enjoy some time off-trail hiking and exploring some cool caves in the area.

Chinyero Volcano is best visited at sunset, so plan your trip accordingly!

Garachico and its black sandy beaches

Garachico is a small town in Tenerife, located on the northeastern coast of the island. It is known for its black sand beaches and has many different activities to offer during your holiday. If you are visiting during summertime, it can get quite hot so it's best to stay close to the water or in an air-conditioned place.

Garachico has a beautiful harbour with several restaurants and shops where you can enjoy local cuisine and drinks after a day at one of its many beaches or sightseeing spots around town. There are also several beautiful hiking trails nearby if you want some fresh air during your stay!

Siam Park

  • This water park is the largest in Europe, and it's a great way to spend an afternoon with family. It has a wave pool, lazy river and slides of all types for all ages. You can buy tickets online or at the gate; there are also many restaurants and shops inside the park if you need to grab something before or after your day of fun!

Lucha Canaria (Canarian wrestling)

Lucha Canaria is a traditional sport practiced in the Canary Islands, particularly on Tenerife and Gran Canaria. It's similar to Japanese sumo wrestling but with its own unique rules, traditions, and styles of dress. The sport involves two competitors who wear colored belts on their waists as they begin to wrestle each other in an attempt to throw their opponent onto their back. Lucha Canary has been around for over 2,000 years!


You don't have to wait until you're on holiday to start planning your next trip, but we hope that this post has given you some ideas and inspiration for where to go when the time comes. Take care of yourself out there!