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16 Top Things To Do In Seattle, Washington

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    Jonathan Chum


Seattle is a city full of natural beauty and culture. If you are heading there soon, here are some of the things you should do while in the city:

Space Needle

The Space Needle is a tower in Seattle that was built for the 1962 World's Fair. It's the most recognizable landmark in the city and an excellent place to go for a meal or drink (or if you want to make your date feel special). The observation deck offers great views of both downtown Seattle and the surrounding areas. It also has an "Aerophile" bar at 520 feet above ground level where you can enjoy drinks while watching planes take off and land at nearby Sea-Tac International Airport.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass are located in Seattle, WA. The museum is a combination of a garden and gallery with works by glass artist Dale Chihuly. The collection has over 1,000 pieces of glass art displayed throughout the building.

The museum was designed by New York-based architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron, who were responsible for the Tate Modern in London and the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing.

Seattle Art Museum

With a wide range of exhibits and an impressive permanent collection, the Seattle Art Museum is a must-see. The museum is free on Wednesdays, so you can check out their latest exhibitions without paying a dime. Located in Volunteer Park, it also has two cafes (one inside and one outside) that offer snack options and drinks for adults. If you want to grab lunch or dinner before your visit, there are plenty of restaurants nearby---just walk across the street from the museum into Volunteer Park or down Madison Street toward downtown Seattle and you'll find plenty to choose from!

One thing I love about this museum: they have some amazing sculptures on display both inside AND outside! They have more than 100 works of art by Henri Matisse---and if you're looking for something fun to do with your kids while in town...there's also an interactive play area right next door where kids can climb on giant rocks made out of recycled tires!

Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo, located on the western slope of Capitol Hill, is home to over 1,000 animals representing more than 250 species. In addition to being a zoo where you can see wild animals up close, it also provides an educational experience for kids and adults alike. Several different sections make up this zoo:

  • The Primate Reserve - This area houses many of the zoo's monkeys and apes in one location. There are also some smaller animals here such as lemurs and porcupines (which are adorable).

  • The Conservation Tent - If you want to know more about conserving wildlife, this is the place for you! They have activities like making your origami cranes out of recycled materials as well as lectures by experts on how we can help our planet stay healthy without destroying other creatures' habitats in the process--and they even offer workshops so people can learn these skills themselves at home.

Seattle Underground Tour

If you're looking for something a bit different, head underground. The Seattle Underground Tour takes you through the buried foundations of Pioneer Square and explains the city's history. You can also see a piece of graffiti by Banksy! The tour is about an hour long, but you can choose from three different lengths (60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes) so it works with your schedule. Ticket prices vary depending on how long you take the tour --- 1922foradults,19-22 for adults, 17-19 for children 5-12 years old --- but they are all worth it!

The tour is located in historic Pioneer Square and starts on Maynard Alley between James Street and Yesler Way (which is right next to Alaskan Way). There are lots of great restaurants in this area like Cactus restaurant or Molly Moon's Ice Cream shop so make sure to stop by before or after your underground adventure!

From where I was staying at Hotel Five Daybreak near University Village Shopping Center it was easy getting there because they have a shuttle service that picks up guests from their hotel every 15 minutes until 11 pm every day except Sundays when there aren't any pickups due to mass transit being free all day long! They also provide free parking for guests staying overnight which makes things even easier since we didn't have any issues finding spots within walking distance from where we were staying."

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Museum

  • Location: 5th Avenue and Blanchard Street, Seattle

  • What you can see at the museum: The Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Museum is a great place to learn about the history of Seattle and its role in the Klondike Gold Rush. The museum features exhibits on topics like gold mining equipment and tools, transportation, food during the gold rush era (including recipes), clothing worn by miners and women during that period, as well as information about other historical events that took place during this period. You can also see video clips highlighting important stories from local historians who were involved in creating this amazing exhibit!

  • Cost of admission: 9foradults;9 for adults; 8 for seniors 65 years old or older; $6 for children 3-12 years old; free admission for children under 3 years old

  • When it's open: Tuesday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm; Saturday 10 am - 6 pm; Sunday 11 am - 6 pm

Museum of Flight

The museum is located at 9404 E. Marginal Way S., and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with extended hours on Thursdays until 8 p.m. Admission prices are 19foradults,19 for adults, 15 for seniors age 60 and older, $13 for children ages 3-12 and active military personnel, free for children younger than 3 years old; add an extra dollar if you want to see the Boeing Aviation Hangar on your visit (it houses historic planes like the SR-71 Blackbird).

In addition to its main building where you can tour through floor-to-ceiling aircraft displays, the Museum of Flight also has a unique feature: The Boeing Aviation Hangar at Paine Field where visitors can go behind the scenes of aircraft restoration projects or take flight simulations in interactive simulators that mimic flying popular planes such as a 737 or F/A 18 Hornet fighter jet!

Go to Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a Seattle landmark, and the oldest continuously operating farmers' market in the country. The market is known for its fresh produce, flowers, seafood, and other produce. You can also find crafts and souvenirs there too!

The market is open year-round from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.

Hike in Discovery Park

Discovery Park is a park in Seattle, Washington that was established in 1974. It has over 200 acres of land and is located on Magnolia Bluff. The park offers various hiking trails, including the popular Discovery Park Loop Trail which winds through forests and meadows while offering stunning views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. This trail can be accessed via either 42nd Avenue W or by walking along the beach from Alki Point (parking is available at both locations).

Go to Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass is a must for any visitor to Seattle. It's a museum and garden that has been open since 2012, with multiple exhibits from Dale Chihuly's work at his studio in nearby Tacoma. The museum is free to visit and located at the south end of the city (close to the Space Needle), so you can easily make it part of your itinerary.

The garden is beautiful, with lots of greenery, flowers, and art pieces scattered throughout. There are also historical works by other artists on display as well as some informational panels about glass-blowing techniques -- which makes it great for kids! There are many different exhibits to choose from so you could easily spend an entire day there checking everything out if time permits.

Visit the Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is a great place to visit with your family. Located at Pier 59 on the waterfront, it's easily accessible by foot or by bus.

The aquarium has a regular schedule of events such as feeding times and guided tours that allow visitors to interact closely with the animals. The aquarium also offers many educational programs for children and adults, including hands-on activities about marine life and conservation efforts.

The Seattle Aquarium has over 1,200 specimens from more than 300 different species of fish, invertebrates like clams and crabs, and reptiles including turtles---there are even seals! You can even see some birds here if you're lucky enough to catch one out front during their swim time; check out their website for more details on visiting times (turtles only go outside at night).

Take a walk on the beach at Alki

  • You can take a walk on the beach at Alki.

  • It's a great place to go for a swim in the summer.

  • There are lots of restaurants, shops, and bars nearby.

  • You can take a ferry to West Seattle or Vashon Island from there

Take a ferry ride

Get a ferry ride: Ferries are one of the best ways to get around in Seattle. There are many different routes and options (even water taxis!) so you can pick the right one for you.

Go to an island: Whether you're into kitschy shopping or rugged hiking, there's an island for everyone. You can even take the ferry over at night and see the city from above!

Check out views from Kerry Park

Kerry Park is located on the north end of Queen Anne Hill, at the intersection of 1st Avenue West and W Highland Drive. It is a great place to see the Seattle skyline and offers amazing views of Puget Sound, Elliott Bay, and the Olympic Mountains. There are two ways to get there: by bus or by car. If you choose to go by bus you can take route 8 from Downtown Seattle up Queen Anne Hill until it reaches Kerry Park. By car, it would be best to drive up West Highland Drive until reaching Kerry Park which will be on your right-hand side when looking out over downtown Seattle from Kerry Park itself

See the Fremont Troll

The Fremont Troll is a sculpture of a troll under the Aurora Bridge in Seattle. The sculpture was created by artists Steve Badanes and Will Martin and features a 27-foot tall concrete troll, who has been hugging under the bridge since 1990. The sculpture has become an icon for Fremont and is not to be missed when visiting Seattle.

Walk through Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is a great place to walk around. It's a historic district with lots of shops and restaurants, and there are plenty of people there on weekends.

If you want to go out for dinner or drinks, this is a popular choice since it has many bars located within its boundaries.


We hope you can use this list to find your next great adventure in Seattle!