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8 Top Things To Do in Fuerteventura, Spain

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    Jonathan Chum


Fuerteventura, Spain is the largest and most popular of the Canary Islands. It's known for its year-round sunshine and beaches, which are some of the best in Europe. As a result, it attracts many tourists during all seasons of the year (although especially in summer). There are plenty of things to do on Fuerteventura that will keep you busy---even if you're traveling here with kids! In this post, we'll be exploring what some of those things are and why they're worth doing when visiting this unique island paradise.

Visit Playa de Sotavento.

This beach is a popular tourist destination, so you'll likely see other people there. But don't let that deter you from visiting! This is a great place to relax and watch the sunset. There are also many restaurants and bars in case you get hungry or thirsty (or both).

And if shopping is on your agenda, this beach has plenty of shops to browse through as well.

Visit The Natural Monument of Los Lobos.

The Natural Monument of Los Lobos is a protected area in the Canary Islands. It was declared a natural monument in 1980 and is used for research and education, as well as being popular among tourists.

It's also been recognized by UNESCO as part of the Biosphere Reserve of Fuerteventura since 1987.

There are two main areas within this monument: Punta de la Sierra del Cabo de Gata and El Lobo (or "The Wolf"). There are plenty of hiking trails through beautiful landscapes that go along the coast, through valleys, and over mountains---but don't forget to look up! The view from above is just as impressive!

Visit Betancuria, the Former Capital of Fuerteventura.

Visit Betancuria, the Former Capital of Fuerteventura.

Betancuria is a small town with a population of about 1,000 people. It was founded in 1826 by the Spanish government and grew to be the capital of Fuerteventura until it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption on October 31st, 1951. The ruins are now an important tourist attraction for visitors looking for a glimpse into history.

Visit The Battery at Punta Redonda.

The Battery at Punta Redonda is one of the most popular sites on Fuerteventura. It was built in 1816 as part of a defense system, and it's still in pretty good condition today.

This area has a lot of history behind it because the Spanish were fighting against pirates who were trying to attack ships leaving and entering the port. If you're interested in seeing how people used to live here, then this place is for you! Plus there are also some cool views from above that make for great pictures!

To get there you'll have to take a bus (they're pretty cheap) from Puerto del Rosario or El Cotillo which takes about half an hour each way - so if you're visiting either place then it is easy just grab one there instead :)

See the House of Culture in Antigua.

The House of Culture in Antigua is a great place to learn about the history of Fuerteventura. It has a permanent exhibition that goes from prehistory to contemporary times, so you can learn all about why it's called "the green island".

There are also temporary exhibitions and events going on there, such as concerts, theater performances, and workshops.

Visit the Museum of Sacred Art and Ethnography in Betancuria.

In Betancuria, you can visit the Museum of Sacred Art and Ethnography. This small museum is free to enter and has a gift shop attached to it. It's a great place to learn about the history of Fuerteventura, as well as its culture and customs.

Go to the Miles Bar Cafe and Enjoy a Sunset.

The Miles Bar Cafe is a local hangout and the perfect place to enjoy a sunset. Located on one of the main streets in Corralejo, this cafe has an awesome view of the ocean. The food is good, and it's not too expensive for drinks either!

It's also worth mentioning that Miles Bar Cafe is only open during daytime hours---so make sure you plan accordingly if you want to catch a sunset there!

Try Local Cuisine at El Patio Restaurant in Corralejo.

For a truly authentic dining experience, visit El Patio restaurant in Corralejo. The restaurant serves traditional Spanish dishes and seafood at reasonable prices. The location is within walking distance from the center of town, so you can stop by for lunch or dinner without needing to rent a car or take public transportation.

The menu features an array of local delicacies like octopus salad, chorizo (a pork sausage), tortilla española (potato omelet), lamb meatballs in aioli sauce, and sardines in tomato sauce over rice. Prices range from €10-€20 ($12-USD 25) per person depending on what you order; however most meals will not exceed €15 (USD 18).

El Patio Restaurant is open daily from 12:00 p.m.--11:00 p.m. but doesn't accept reservations so expect long lines during peak hours!


We hope that you enjoyed our list of the top things to do in Fuerteventura and that it gave you inspiration for your next trip to this beautiful island.