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Top Amusement Parks In California For Toddlers

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    Jonathan Chum

The best thing you can do to make your toddler happy is to take him to an amusement park. Toddlers love it there.

However, bringing your little one can sometimes be challenging. You have to be concerned about their likes and dislikes. Only God can save you if your baby doesn't like the place you took him. But say no more, here we have listed the best amusement parks in California for toddlers. These kid-friendly destinations are full of adventure and fun. These amusement parks are perfect for children below five years; you will get everything from fun rides, food stalls, stroller-friendly walkways, bathrooms at every corner.

All of these listed amusement parks are not only for kids, but you can also enjoy yourself. And while having loads of fun, your pup or gal will learn about a lot of new things, world landmarks, animals, statues, and much more.

Enough said, check out the list below yourself to find out about the top amusement parks in California for toddlers and decide yourself where you want to go.

Disneyland Resort

Kids love Disneyland for all that magic and those fairytales. Here, they can immerse themselves in the magical world - massive teacups, flying elephants, and walking characters. This world of make-believe is probably the most favorite place for kids.

You can take your kids to the Fantasyland for some classics, such as a Small World and Peter Pan's Flight. These are the most favorite places of young children. Due to this reason, you will find the longest queues here, so try to reach a bit early. One good idea to save yourself from waiting in the lines is by staying at the Disneyland hotel.

After enjoying the rides, you can head to Toontown to introduce your tots to Mickey and Minnie's homes. Here, they can do anything from climbing on the roof of Mickey's house to jumping on Minnie's bed.

Another good thing is, you can plan your trip using the Disneyland App, where you can find the locations of your favorite Disneyland characters and even the restrooms. There is also a baby care center where you can quickly get privacy for breast-feeding, toilets for kids, microwave for heating the food.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium is another excellent waterfront attraction for toddlers. It presents a colorful sea world very close to Finding Dory. They can find many familiar creatures in the Open Sea Exhibit.

Here, they can spot many sea creatures like giant hammerhead sharks, sardines, green sea turtles and pelagic stingrays (swimming in about 1.2 million gallons of water) through a 27-meter wide window.

They can also find moon jellyfish and puffins at the nearby displays. Next, in the Enchanted Kelp Forest, they can feel the water with their sticky fingers in the 12-meter-long touch pool, which is a habitat of marine life including kelp crabs, sea urchins, and starfish.

Further, toddlers will go wild in the Splash Zone & Penguins area where they can view the tropical fish tank to see the life of Nemo's cousins, play at a water table, watch the penguins and whatnot.

Moreover, don't forget to take your young guys and girls to the Splash Zone's Coral Reef Kingdom, which is the most important part of this place. It offers a soft, safe zone for the toddlers to access the waterbeds for making the water waves and enjoying the touch pool.

Gilroy Gardens

Let your toddlers enjoy the farming life in Gilroy Gardens. It is a great place to teach your children about where they get their food. Who knows your pups start eating veggies instead of hating them?

It is a magnificent amusement park themed on agriculture. Here you can enjoy the garden-themed rides like Artichoke Dip, which are safe even for the infants.

Toddlers can climb on a hungry worm to crawl into the silly and giant garlic or an apple core.

Apart from these rides, the other attractions of Gilroy Garden include 'Circus Trees,' which have a whimsical shape achieved through the grafting process. Toddlers can turn into an explorer and can hunt for these trees. Further, make sure you see the four-legged giant and the basket tree.

The garden, spread in a vast 536-acre land, has a total of six botanical gardens. Monarch Garden is the most extensive garden which covers 1,800 sq.m greenhouses. Moreover, some gardens also have unique attractions such as the Rainbow Garden offers a lovely boat cruise. Further, the kids can board on the miniature train to explore some tropical and subtropical plants.

Seaworld San Diego

This amusement park is suitable for children under five. You can even take your smallest children here without having to worry about any issues. At this park, you don't have to stop your children from touching things. Your little ones are free to move their little fingers everywhere, even the sea creatures.

They can enjoy touching the glossy-fish, sea stars, crabs at the California rockpool, and Explorer's Reef. After that, they can head to the kid's play zone named Sesame Street Bay of Play, spread in about two acres of land.

Your bubs can splish-splash in water and can enjoy the Muppet-theme rides, including Elmo's Flying Fish, Abby's Sea Star Spin, and Oscar's Rockin' Eel.

Besides the water-based fun and rides, you can also enjoy the indoor displays by staying at the top of sun cream. Toddlers can view the creatures from a massive Turtle Reef Window and can walk inside the acrylic viewing tunnel at Shark Encounter, where they can even take pictures with their fin friends.


Kids will surely love playing with their own set of cute little plastic bricks. They can build their dream world with millions of miniature bricks. And while enjoying the rides and getting clicked with the snuggly teddy bear, they will make the most fun of it.

They will have a lot of activities to do - from chugging out the choo-choo, to dig into the sand for discovering some dinosaur fossils.

Not just that, toddlers can learn about the iconic landmarks such as the Las Vegas Strip, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, New York's Central Park, etc. in Miniland USA. Next on, it will become challenging for you to move your little one from the Star Wars attraction where the film scenes are recreated. But you know what is even better? They will get more than 32 million miniature bricks to build their world.

Further, they can enjoy themselves on slides, exploring the structure like a hospital, barn, a supermarket, and playhouse in the DUPLO playground. Then, the LEGOLAND Express ride will take them through the LEGO garden.

This theme park has a lot to offer to the little fellas. This place is full of fun and activities for younger children.

The Living Desert

This park is a lot more than a typical zoo. There are lively desert animals and plants that talk about survival skills. Toddlers will learn a lot of new things about the harsh environment of deserts. They can visualize more than 1,400 species of desert plants, including yucca, cacti, and others from the Mojave and Sonoran Desert of California.

They can also view the animals, such as African meerkats rising on their legs and sniffing the air or the desert foxes with curly tails and big ears enjoying their afternoon nap. Also, the tall buddies giraffes stretching their necks and munching on the green grasses.

What's even better? The wildlife is not tucked inside the cages; the animals can come to greet you right up to the wire fence. If your kids want, they can ride on the camels or feed the giraffes with their little hands.

The best time to visit here is the crisp mornings, where you can easily spot these animals busy in their activities. As the temperature increases, lizards and tortoises come in action to soak some sun, and in the afternoon, owls and bats begin to explore the wilderness. Evenings are also the best time to explore The Living Desert's walkways, which will take you to the Santa Rosa Mountains.

Universal Studios Hollywood

We can bet on this - Children are the more significant movie buffs than the adults. You can visit Universal Studios Hollywood if you have any doubts. Your kids will surely enjoy meeting Scooby-Doo, SpongeBob and playing the carnival games in the

Simpson's hometown of Springfield. However, the most favorite place remains the Super Silly Fun Land, which is a minion-themed park. Here they can have the most fun while enjoying splashing in the water, Swirly Fun Ride, which runs over the hoopla and the arcade games.

To take some rest, you can go for watching Shrek 4-D or Animal Actors show, where the setup includes wind, water, and air seats that turn their magical world into a reality.

For the parents, they can take a seat for Jurassic Park or the horrifying Mummy's Tomb.