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jetBlue Best Fare Finder | Grab Cheapest Tickets

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    Jonathan Chum

jetBlue has recently stepped up and upgraded their cabins to be very competitive with other airlines. jetBlue refreshes premium travel experience with "Mint" business class with lie-flat seats, early boarding, signature cocktail, and tapas style menu.

So you might be wondering how do I book a cheap flight on JetBlue?

 jetBlue Fare Finder

When you first last on the site, you will be presented with a standard flight search form.

This is NOT what you want to use to start your search.

The search results is cumbersome which results in a lot of time wasted fare hunting.

I will give you an example. Let's take a very popular route from San Francisco(SFO) to New York City (NYC).

At a glance, the fares it discovered ranges between 129129 - 199 depending on the day of the week.

The week days scroll displays +/- 2 days.

However, if you want to fly on JetBlue beyond, you have to scroll left or right on the week view which reloads the entire screen.

So now you are present a week by week view. Not bad, but the experience of searching for a great cheap flight deal on JetBlue could be better.

Introducing jetBlue Best Fare Finder

Often overlooked, the jetBlue Best Fare Finder is tucked away under the "Book" navigational menu in the header. Most users will not see this link or know what it does, but trust me, this is going to make leisure travel much more fun!

jetBlue Best Fare Finder

jetBlue Best Fare Finder

When you click the "Best Fare Finder" icon in the menu, you will be presented with a search form that looks almost exactly like the one on the home page.

The difference is now you will see "Best Fare Finder" as the heading. When you see that, you'll know you are on the right page.

Why is this feature so awesome? The jetBlue Best Fare Finder will display fares for the entire month saving you time.

In fact, the experience resembles a lot like searching flights on the monthly view of ITA's Matrix.

Let's go back and use the same example of a route from San Francisco to New York City.

At a glance, we are able to see flights departing in June where the $129 is highlight in bold to signify that it is the cheapest fare of the month.

Once you click on a depart date of your likening, you'll be present with the same calendar view for the return date.

After you have chose a return date for the jetBlue flight, you will be redirected back to a similar cabin selector page as the original search form on the homepage.

Remember these fares are for one-way ticketing. Once you have chose both a departure and return fare, the entire fare costs will be updated in the right hand rail of the search results.

Next, when you click the "Continue", a modal will popup confirming your selection. If you are booking a jetBlue Blue Basic fare class, it will outline the restrictions and offer you an upsell of $70+ or more for advance seating selection.

Once you have checked "Accept Restrictions" checkbox and then click the "Continue with Blue Basic" button, you will be taken to the checkout.

Here, you can start entering the traveler's information, seats, and any extra options before you finally enter your payment.

Final Thoughts

The jetBlue Best Fare Finder is our choice of scoring a great deal on jetBlue without the hassle.

A decade ago, jetBlue was first to offer satellite TV on its flights but had since been lackluster in keeping up with the times with what other airlines were offering.

Since introduce the Mint upgrade and refresh look of its cabin, flying jetBlue is great again.

So make sure to use jetBlue Best Fare Finder to book your next flight.