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Does American Airlines Have Wifi?

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    Jonathan Chum


If you're flying American Airlines, there's a good chance that you want to know whether or not American Airlines has free wifi. And if it does, then you probably want to know how much it costs and how many devices can connect at the same time. If that all sounds good, then keep reading!

Does American Airlines Support Wi-Fi?

American Airlines does in fact offer WiFi on flights. Not only is it available to passengers on domestic flights, but also international flights as well. The only requirement for using this feature is that you have your own personal device with WiFi enabled and ready to connect to the network.

Once you're connected, you can browse the web, send emails and more without issue!

How Much Does American Airlines WiFi Cost?

American Airlines WiFi is available on select flights, and the amount you pay for it will depend on several factors. These include:

  • Length of flight - the longer your flight, the more expensive it will be to use American Airlines WiFi.

  • Device you're using - for example, if you're using an iPad or iPhone (which comes with its own data plan), then your device's data plan won't count against your monthly cap by adding additional charges to your bill while flying with American Airlines. For example, if your phone plan has a 10 GB limit and you have 5 GB left when you take off in an airplane that offers free WiFi services on board that service might not cost anything since your device already has enough data allotted to it before boarding begins which could make up for any additional charges incurred during travel time throughout air space over water or land areas depending upon where those places may lie geographically speaking within America itself."

On American Airlines, you can get wifi on a domestic flight.

Although most international flights have wifi, you'll usually have to pay for it. On American Airlines, you can get wifi on a domestic flight. The availability of WiFi depends on the type of aircraft used by American Airlines and other factors. For example, a Boeing 737-800 has limited internet access in coach class while an Airbus A321 or an Embraer 190 offer better WIFI with several options for entertainment and internet usage.

American Airlines offers free WIFI on their international long haul flights (more than 4 hours) that include transatlantic services like New York - Paris, Chicago - London Heathrow (LHR) and Miami - Amsterdam Schiphol; transpacific services such as Los Angeles - Tokyo Narita(NRT).

On American Airlines, you can get wifi on an international flight.

If you're taking a flight on American Airlines and have an international destination, then it's likely that you'll have access to wifi.

In fact, American Airlines offers wifi on most of its international flights---but not all of them. If you're flying from the United States to another country and back again, then there's a good chance that your flight will offer wifi. However, if you're flying from one country in Europe to another without stopping in America first, then this isn't guaranteed.

If your flight does have internet access, great! You can use the service as soon as it becomes available after takeoff (usually about 30 minutes). The only exceptions are during descent and landing---but even then service may be available if weather conditions permit it.

You'll need to use your personal device with wifi enabled in order to access American Airlines wifi.

You'll need to use your personal device with wifi enabled in order to access American Airlines wifi.

You will not be able to access the internet on a mobile device if you are roaming, but you can use it once you've landed and connected to an airport's Wi-Fi network (most airports have free WiFi).

If you want to check your data usage while using the service on a mobile device, go into Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage or Data Saver. From there, select Change Plan > Add Data Pack and then choose one of the options available for purchase.

How Many Devices Can I Connect To On American Airlines WiFi?

You can connect up to 10 devices at the same time on American Airlines WiFi. This includes a laptop, tablet and phone. However, if you find yourself needing more than that number of connections, there is an option to add them for an additional fee. If you are flying on a larger plane like a Boeing 787 or 767-300ER with extra seats available (these planes are usually used for long flights), then you may be able to use more devices than the standard 10 if there is room in the overhead bins.

Does American Airlines Include Free Wi-Fi?

American Airlines offers free Wi-Fi on all domestic and international flights. The American Airlines network is provided by Gogo, which offers passengers access to email, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and streaming entertainment from Hulu Plus or Pandora.

If you're wondering whether your flight will offer in-flight Wi-Fi, the answer is yes---as long as it's not a charter flight. All commercial airlines with seatback entertainment systems offer Wi-Fi service on domestic flights (within the United States), as well as internationally on flights that reach high enough speeds (typically more than 500 mph).

How Do I Get Free Wi-Fi on American Airlines?

  • If you're a member of American Airlines' loyalty program, AAdvantage, and have an eligible ticket type, you can get complimentary Wi-Fi on your flight. You will need to present your barcoded boarding pass at the gate when boarding and request the service from a flight attendant.

  • Some airlines offer free Wi-Fi for all passengers using a certain airline credit card or frequent flyer membership. If you don't have the proper credit card or frequent flyer membership, ask about potential discounts for buying one before your flight.

  • Some airports offer free WIFI in their terminals or at nearby hotels. Ask an airport agent if there's a way to get online without paying for it so that you can take advantage of cheaper rates while waiting for your next flight!

Bottom line

It's a common question among travelers: does American Airlines offer wifi? And the answer is yes---but there are some restrictions. First, you can connect to wifi if you have a personal device with wifi enabled (like an iPhone or a tablet). Second, if you have a basic economy ticket, then it's free for you. Otherwise, there will be charges for accessing internet on flights; we'll discuss those in more detail later in this article.


With so many airlines offering wifi these days, it's nice to know that American Airlines is one of them. The question remains though: do you really need it?

Well, that's up to you! If you want to take advantage of this service on your next trip then go for it! We're sure there will be no shortage of people around who want to connect with friends or family members through social media channels like Facebook or Instagram while in flight. If not though? Don't worry about being left out because there are plenty of other ways for passengers on board aircraft nowadays such as watching movies from their iPads or smartphones or reading books from e-readers like Kindle Paperwhite which all come equipped with free wi-fi capability built into their hardware design. So don't feel pressured if none of those options appeal either!