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Do I Need To Write Down My Confirmation Code?

Jonathan Chum
Jonathan Chum


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So, you have recently gone through the process of booking a flight. After you are finished booking your flight, you are not necessarily able to board the plane immediately. There is a difference between being issued a ticket and receiving a boarding pass. In order to receive your boarding pass, which will allow you to get on the plane, you may need something called the confirmation code. Depending on your location, this may also be called a requisition number. If you do not have your confirmation code, you may have a hard time collecting your boarding pass.

Do you need to write down your confirmation code? Not necessarily, but it would probably be better to do so. We will go through everything you need to know about your confirmation code.

You Should Write Down Your Confirmation Code

In order to save money, there is a chance that you booked your flight several weeks in advance. You are not going to be able to check in for your plane until 24 hours before your flight. A lot of people prefer to check in online. In order to complete the check-in process online, you will need your confirmation code in order to look up your records. Therefore, you should write down your confirmation code to make sure you do not forget it.

Your confirmation code is usually a random series of letters and numbers. All the letters are capitalized in the confirmation code; however, confirmation codes are usually not case-sensitive when you are using them to check in. Depending on which airline you are flying, your confirmation code could vary in length. As a result, it is incredibly difficult to memorize a confirmation code, particularly if you are being asked to recall it several weeks from now. Therefore, to make this process easier for yourself, you should write down your confirmation code. Even storing it in your cell phone could be helpful. 

Check Your Email To Find Your Confirmation Code

If you forgot to write down your confirmation code, is there another way you can collect this information? The answer is, yes. Usually, immediately after you have booked your flight, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline. If you used a third-party to book your flight, you will probably receive a confirmation email from them as well. Both of these emails should contain your confirmation code. If you remember the date on which you booked your flight, you should be able to go back to that date in your email. Then, if you find that email, look for the confirmation. It is usually toward the bottom of the email in the right-hand corner. 

If you do not remember the day on which you booked your flight, you could also check your credit card statement. That should contain the date of the initial charge. Or, you can use the search function in your email. Use this to find your confirmation email, which should contain your confirmation code. 

What If You Forget Your Confirmation Code and Email?

If you deleted the email and forgot your confirmation code, there are still other ways you can find this information. If you are looking for your confirmation code, you can reach out to the airline and ask them for help. For example, you may be able to call the airline and ask them to help you look up your confirmation code. They will probably need your personal information in order to do this. This could include your name, the payment instrument you used to book your flight, and other personal details to confirm that it is actually you.

If you do not want to wait on hold with the airline, you could also reach out to them through an email. For example, there is probably a customer service email that you can send a letter to. Then, they can get back to you with your confirmation code. Keep in mind that this may take some time. If you are urgently trying to look up your confirmation code because you are trying to check in for your flight, emailing them is probably not the fastest way to complete the check-in process. 

Is There Another Way I Can Check In Without My Confirmation Code?

If you do not have the confirmation code, and you are trying to check in, it is still possible to check in for your flight without the confirmation code. The exact mechanism of doing this will depend on the airline; however, the airline will require some information in order to pull up your record. If you do not have the confirmation code, you may be able to check in using your name and flight number. After doing this, the airline may ask you a few other questions in order to confirm that it is actually you.

If you don’t have your confirmation code, you can also physically check in at the airport. If you are planning on checking in through this method, you should arrive at the airport early. If there is a long line at check-in, this is simply going to be added to the time it takes you to get through security. You do not want to miss your flight purely because you did not get to the airport early enough. When you get to the front desk at the Airport check-in, they will probably ask you for your ID. They will ask you a few personal details to figure out what flight you are supposed to be on. Then, they can check you in there. Once they provide you with your boarding pass, you can go through security and get on the plane.

Write Down Your Confirmation Code

Ultimately, it is better if you write down your confirmation code. This can streamline the check-in process, ensuring that you do not have any hiccups when you are trying to get on your plane. Then, make sure you have your boarding pass with you when you go through security. A hard copy or electronic version will do. 

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