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Delta Sky Priority Ultimate Guide

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    Jonathan Chum


Sky Priority is a benefit that Delta offers to some of its most valuable customers. It's Delta's way of showing appreciation to customers who fly frequently, spend money on Delta products and services, or both. The goal of Sky Priority is to make the travel experience easier and more pleasant for those customers.

What Is Delta Sky Priority?

Delta Sky Priority is a way for Delta Airlines to show appreciation to some of its most valuable customers. It is not a program you should sign up for, but if you are eligible for it and decide to use the benefit, it can be worth your time.

Delta Sky Priority allows eligible customers to board their flights earlier than others and gives priority access at security checkpoints, boarding gates, and baggage claims. The program does have some clear benefits: if you need extra time getting on or off the plane or taking care of business in between flights before check-in closes (or after), then this will save you some stress.

Sky Priority is Delta's way of showing appreciation to some of its most valuable customers.

Sky Priority is Delta's way of showing appreciation to some of its most valuable customers. The program is designed to help you get through the airport faster, giving you access to priority check-in, security access, boarding, and baggage handling.

To be eligible for Sky Priority status, passengers must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be an elite member of Delta's frequent flier program (Diamond Medallion)

  • Spend $25k on Delta flights in a calendar year (Gold Medallion)

  • Have purchased a first-class ticket or purchased the Business Select fare option

What Are the Benefits of Delta Sky Priority?

  • Priority check-in: Check-in at least 45 minutes before your flight's departure time and you'll be greeted by a Delta representative who will escort you to the priority line.

  • Priority security access: Get through security faster with a dedicated lane for SkyMiles members who have purchased one of the premium levels (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) in their SkyMiles program.

  • Priority boarding: Your boarding pass will be scanned first so that the gate agent can expedite your arrival on board the plane.

  • Priority baggage handling: Your bags will be given special attention and loaded onto the plane ahead of other's luggage.

  • Double miles: For every dollar spent on Delta flights and eligible partner purchases, members receive 2 miles per dollar spent instead of 1 mile per dollar spent like other passengers. This also applies to award travel redemptions made using SkyMiles as long as they booked through delta.com or via phone call with a SkyMiles representative; otherwise, they would only receive 1 mile per dollar spent rather than 2 miles per dollar spent awarded to those who booked online directly through Delta or over the phone using their 12 digit account number found printed on their credit card statement (credit card statement).

How Do I Get Sky Priority on Delta?

  • You can join the SkyMiles frequent flyer program by signing up for a Delta Airlines credit card and earning enough points (25,000 miles) to qualify for Sky Priority.

  • You can also enroll in Sky Priority by flying at least 25,000 miles on Delta each year.

Does delta Sky Priority get lounge access?

Yes, you can access Delta Sky Club lounges when flying a Delta flight in first or business class. You must be flying on a Delta flight with a valid boarding pass and have your Sky Priority card as well.

At the airport, Sky Priority offers priority check-in, security access, boarding, and baggage handling.

When you're traveling with Sky Priority, you can skip the long lines at the airport by using the priority check-in counter, security access lane, and boarding line. Plus, if your flight is delayed or canceled (and we all know how that goes), you won't have to wait in line for bag claim---your bags will be held for you until you arrive.

Delta also offers Sky Priority Get Home bags to help you get things done on your way home.

Delta Sky Priority members can use their Sky Priority Get Home bags to pack their checked luggage before the flight or to pack their carry-on luggage on the way home. Each bag comes with a cell phone charger, snacks, a water bottle, and other essentials that you might need after a long day of traveling.

You can also receive double SkyMiles if you book a Sky Club pass through the My Sky app.

If you have a SkyMiles account, another great way to earn extra miles is by booking a Sky Club pass through the My Sky app. When booking a pass through the app, you will receive double the miles for your purchase. In addition, if you book an annual membership or multiple days passes at once through the My Sky app, it's possible to get even more miles!

There are multiple ways to access Sky Priority benefits, including enrolling in the frequent flyer program or the Delta credit card.

When you enroll in SkyMiles, you can access these benefits. There are four different types of Delta SkyMiles credit cards: the Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Business versions, and the Reserve for Business card.

Many people who have been approved for one of these cards have also been approved for an upgrade to the next-tier version. For example, if you're approved for a Gold Card, your application may come with an offer to upgrade your card to Platinum after spending $25,000 on it within three months (or other qualifications). The same thing happens with the Reserve cards---you can get upgraded from one level up by achieving certain travel goals or spending requirements on your existing card within a certain timeframe (such as $10K spent in 6 months = get invited to apply)

If you are a frequent flyer you may have access to special services from Delta airlines

If you are a frequent flyer with Delta, or if you fly enough miles to get a flight upgrade, then you can access special services from Delta. This includes priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling. You can also access Delta Sky Clubs for an additional fee of $29 per person each way.

If paying for your club access is too much of a stretch for your budget (or perhaps even not), consider asking if they will issue lounge passes to family members who travel with small children on long flights. Parents may not be able to afford this option but would appreciate the opportunity to relax while older children occupy themselves nearby in the lounge or play area with other kids while they wait for their flight!


Delta Sky Priority is a great way to get ahead at the airport and earn extra perks. If you are not currently a member, it is easy to join and will be well worth your time.