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Best Ways to Redeem Frequent Flyer Miles and Points

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    Jonathan Chum

Best Ways to Redeem Frequent Flyer Miles and Points

Frequent flyer miles and points have been a popular way for travelers to save on flights and travel-related expenses. With so many programs out there, it can be challenging to determine the best ways to redeem these rewards. In this article, we'll explore the most effective strategies to make the most of your frequent flyer miles and points. We'll also provide outbound links to sites with high authority to help you find more information and resources.

Understanding Frequent Flyer Programs

To make the most of your miles and points, it's essential to have a solid understanding of frequent flyer programs. These programs are offered by various airlines and credit card companies to incentivize customer loyalty. A great resource to learn about different frequent flyer programs is The Points Guy, which provides comprehensive guides and comparisons.

Earning Miles and Points

Typically, you can earn miles and points through flying, spending on co-branded credit cards, and participating in partner promotions. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the earning potential of your chosen program to maximize your rewards. For example, some credit cards offer bonus points on specific categories, like travel or dining. A fantastic resource for comparing different credit cards and their rewards is NerdWallet.

Expiration and Devaluation

Keep in mind that miles and points may expire or lose value over time. Regularly check the expiration policies of your frequent flyer programs, and use sites like AwardWallet to track your rewards and their expiration dates. Additionally, keep an eye on any changes to the value of your points, as programs may devalue their rewards with little notice.

Maximizing Value for Award Flights

One of the best ways to redeem your miles and points is to book award flights. To ensure you get the most value, consider the following strategies:

1. Focus on High-Value Redemptions

Aim for redemptions that offer the best value in terms of cents per mile (CPM). This metric helps you determine how much value you're getting for each mile or point redeemed. You can calculate the CPM by dividing the cash price of the flight by the number of miles required for redemption. For example, if a flight costs 500or25,000miles,yourCPMwouldbe2cents(500 or 25,000 miles, your CPM would be 2 cents (500 ÷ 25,000 = 0.02). Look for redemptions with a CPM of at least 1.5 to 2 cents, which is typically considered a good value.

2. Book Business or First Class

Redeeming miles for business or first-class flights can offer exceptional value, as these tickets can be significantly more expensive than economy fares. Websites like One Mile at a Time can provide valuable insights and tips for finding the best premium cabin redemptions.

3. Utilize Stopovers and Open Jaws

Some frequent flyer programs allow stopovers and open jaws on award tickets, providing additional value and flexibility. A stopover is a layover in a city for more than 24 hours, while an open jaw occurs when you fly into one city and out of another. These options can help you visit multiple destinations on a single ticket, maximizing the value of your miles. Check out FlyerTalk forums for creative routing ideas and expert advice on maximizing your redemptions.


Another popular way to redeem miles and points is to upgrade your flight to a higher class of service. Before you use your miles for an upgrade, consider the following:

1. Compare the Cost of an Upgrade to an Award Ticket

In some cases, it might be more cost-effective to book an award ticket in a premium cabin rather than upgrading from economy. To determine which option is better, compare the number of miles needed for an upgrade versus an award ticket and calculate the CPM for each option. If the CPM for an upgrade is significantly lower than an award ticket, it might not be worth it.

2. Know the Eligibility Requirements

Not all fare classes are eligible for upgrades using miles or points. Be sure to check your frequent flyer program's upgrade policies and requirements before purchasing your ticket. Additionally, upgrades may be subject to availability and waitlisting, so it's crucial to be flexible with your travel plans.

3. Monitor Your Upgrade Status

Keep an eye on your upgrade status and follow up with the airline if necessary. Some programs offer higher upgrade priority to elite members or those with co-branded credit cards. To stay informed on your upgrade status, consider using tools like ExpertFlyer, which can help you monitor upgrade availability and set alerts.

Hotel Stays and Car Rentals

Aside from flights, you can also redeem your miles and points for hotel stays and car rentals. Here are some tips to get the most value:

1. Focus on High-Value Redemptions

Just like with flights, aim for redemptions that offer the best value in terms of CPM. Research the cash price of your desired hotel stay or car rental and compare it to the points required for redemption. High-value redemptions for hotel stays and car rentals can be found on sites like Million Mile Secrets and Frequent Miler.

2. Utilize Hotel and Car Rental Partners

Many frequent flyer programs partner with hotel chains and car rental companies, allowing you to redeem your miles and points for these services. Before redeeming, make sure to compare the value of these partner redemptions with those offered directly through the hotel or car rental loyalty program.

3. Consider Points Transfers

Some credit card rewards programs, like Chase Ultimate Rewards and American Express Membership Rewards, allow you to transfer points to partner hotel and car rental loyalty programs. This can provide additional flexibility and potentially better value for your redemptions.

Partner Redemptions

Airlines often partner with other airlines, allowing you to redeem your miles on partner flights. Here are some tips for maximizing partner redemptions:

1. Research Airline Alliances and Partnerships

Airlines typically belong to one of three major alliances: Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam. These alliances allow you to redeem your miles across member airlines, increasing your redemption options. Additionally, some airlines have non-alliance partnerships, providing even more opportunities for redemptions.

2. Compare Award Charts

Different airlines have varying award charts and pricing structures, even within the same alliance. Compare award charts for partner airlines to find the best value for your desired route. Websites like AwardHacker can help you search for and compare partner award availability.

3. Look for Sweet Spots

Some partner redemptions offer exceptional value due to sweet spots in their award charts. These sweet spots are specific routes or regions where the number of miles required for redemption is significantly lower than average. Identifying and utilizing these sweet spots can help you get the most out of your miles. Resources like Travel Codex and God Save the Points can provide insights on finding and taking advantage of sweet spots.

Transfer Points Between Programs

Many credit card rewards programs allow you to transfer points to various frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs. Transferring points can provide additional flexibility and potentially better redemption values. Here are some tips for transferring points:

1. Research Transfer Partners and Ratios

Before transferring points, research the transfer partners and ratios associated with your credit card rewards program. Some programs may offer more attractive transfer partners or better transfer ratios than others. Websites like Point Hacks and PointsLounge offer comprehensive guides on point transfer partners and ratios.

2. Look for Transfer Bonuses

Occasionally, credit card rewards programs may offer transfer bonuses, where you receive extra miles or points when transferring to a specific partner. These bonuses can provide significant value, so be on the lookout for these promotions. You can find information about transfer bonuses on websites like Doctor of Credit and Points, Miles & Martinis.

3. Transfer Points Only When Needed

As a general rule, it's best to transfer points only when you have a specific redemption in mind. This is because transferred points often cannot be reversed, and you may lose flexibility and value by transferring points prematurely.

In conclusion, there are numerous ways to redeem frequent flyer miles and points, from award flights and upgrades to hotel stays and car rentals. By understanding frequent flyer programs, maximizing value for redemptions, utilizing partner airlines, and transferring points strategically, you can make the most of your rewards and enjoy unforgettable travel experiences.